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Whatever off-road vehicle you operate, it can be a source of endless enjoyment so long as you and your equipment are properly protected. And just like snowmobile riders are recommended to wear helmets, it is essential to have an insurance policy covering you and your off-road vehicle in place before you go hitting any trails.

Your homeowners policy likely does not cover your ATV, golf cart, dune buggy, dirt bike or snowmobile. Check your policy to make sure, but in most cases ATVs and similar vehicles aren’t covered under a standard homeowners policy. Most of these insurance policies give you little to no protection for your off-road vehicle, especially once you leave your property.

But that doesn’t mean your ATV has to go unprotected. ATV insurance policies can help safeguard your machine.

Although some states don’t legally require off-road enthusiasts to insure their vehicles, many owners choose to do so anyway. An ATV policy can protect your vehicle as well as you against liability when operating a fast and responsive off-road vehicle.


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