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Mona McNicols recently had a close encounter while driving on what she thought was an unobstructed roadway only to find out a bridge was in her way. She was really glad her agent Rip Packard talked her into getting a newly added endorsement on her auto policy “Immovable Object” coverage being tested in Iowa.

With all the recent accidents happening to motorists since the great influx of tourists visiting the famous county bridges in Iowa, the Iowa Insurance Department decided to offer this important coverage to those drivers distracted by the great beauty of these bridges. Numerous Insurance safety studies uncovered a most amazing occurrence. It seems these bridges cause drivers to hallucinate and blinds them to the reality of the situation they find themselves in. This “idiot proof” coverage makes it easy to pre-pay for the inevitable damage to these precious bridges from “brain freezes” by those driving in “bridge country”. This “pay it forward” thinking will insure these landmarks will be around for generations to come.

Mona says, “Since that mishap I had with the pharmacy drive thru I knew this coverage was right for me.”

Rip Packard from Sh*t will Happen Insurance says, “In Iowa anyone driving without this coverage is just asking for trouble. At any time, these bridges will come out of nowhere and bam you’re up the creek without you know what.”

ASK YOUR LOCAL Iowa insurance agent today on how you can protect yourself from the bridge just waiting to happen

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