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With the increase usage by insurance companies utilizing “loveable” animal characters in their advertising campaigns, Pandas have discovered that their high “loveable” factor could translate to “big bucks”. More and more these thought to be passive, non-aggressive creatures are taking over insurance agencies across the nation…sometimes via “hostile” takeovers.

Ned Porter, a veteran insurance agent from Council Bluffs, Iowa, says, “One day I’m minding my own business when one of these supposed docile creatures walks in and tells me to pack my things and leave in the next 10 minutes. It was downright unbearable. Especially when my staff just looked on and said “eh..can’t be much worse than the conditions we have to work in now.” Ned continued with a slow sigh, “This isn’t a Black and White issue nor is it an animal rights issue…first the Gecko and now this…when will it end.”

The problem seems to be one that continues to grow in the industry because quite frankly.. no one gives a damn what happens to an insurance agent. If there is anything less visible than being invisible it’s being an insurance agent. “Unless this stops” according to industry big-wig Henry “Hank” Mulligan, “ the whole industry will become a jungle. They look benevolent, but you find out later they put pet insurance on your auto policy without even asking. You watch you think we piled on unnecessary coverages…these guys are ruthless…. bamboo doesn’t come cheap.”

We will monitor this ever-changing story and report as more developments occur so you can prepare yourself going up against these formidable adversaries.

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