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  • Does insurance cover claims from the Corona Virus?

    Insurance companies are advising that Loss of income due to the Corona Virus is not covered under traditional business property and liability.  Property damage is required to initiate claims tied to loss of business income, closing due to a quarantine or voluntary closure, doesn’t meet this requirement.

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  • What Water Damage Is Covered by Homeowners Insurance

    Most homeowners insurance claims are water related. Yet, many policyholders are unaware of what is covered and what is not covered by their homeowner’s insurance policy. Unfortunately, a lot of confusion and hard feelings result when policyholders try to file a claim only to find out that the damage caused as a result of a water event is not covered or only partially covered by their homeowners policy. It is imperative that policyholders ask their agent what is covered and read their policy as to what is covered and what is excluded with regard to water damage. Not all policies are the same.  So sometimes that cheaper policy you think you are getting a great bargain on results in creating a lot of holes in your homeowner’s insurance coverage.

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  • Need for Umbrella Insurance

    Do I really need an umbrella policy given I already have liability coverage on my home and auto insurance? This is a question I get asked frequently by many of my clients.

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  • Items You Should Know About Your Auto Insurance

    In an effort to better educate consumers about their auto insurance coverage, the Perimeter Group has put together a list of items everyone should know with regard to auto insurance here in Arizona. By knowing this information you should be able to avoid some of the pitfalls a lot of people have with their auto insurance, especially when you need to make a claim or shop for a better rate.

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  • It’s Time for Businesses to Insure Against Data Breach

    Businesses, both big and small who are privy to sensitive client information, need to protect themselves against an ever increasing risk of having computer records fall into the hands of unauthorized individuals or organizations. Healthcare practices such as doctors and dentists, law offices, accountants and bookkeepers, retailers, restaurants and financial services are especially at high risk because of the amount of information, the volume of the information, the sensitivity and the number of people having access to the information.

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  • I Crashed My Car into a Bridge…Really

    Mona McNicols recently had a close encounter while driving on what she thought was an unobstructed roadway only to find out a bridge was in her way. She was really glad her agent Rip Packard talked her into getting a newly added endorsement on her auto policy “Immovable Object” coverage being tested in Iowa.

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  • How Parents Can Save on Their Teenager’s Auto Insurance

    Your teenage son or daughter has reached the “right of passage” by getting a driver’s license. Now comes the harsh reality of paying substantially higher premiums for their auto insurance. Here are a few ways to bring down the cost to insure them.

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  • Are Pandas Taking Over Insurance?

    With the increase usage by insurance companies utilizing “loveable” animal characters in their advertising campaigns, Pandas have discovered that their high “loveable” factor could translate to “big bucks”. More and more these thought to be passive, non-aggressive creatures are taking over insurance agencies across the nation…sometimes via “hostile” takeovers.

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